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How is a Health Coach different from a Personal Trainer?

Hey there,

I hope you're keeping healthy and happy. Melbourne is in stage 4 lockdown, which basically means we're only allowed out of the house to get essential items, exercise for 1 hour a day, we must wear a mask and we're not allowed to leave our house at all between 8 pm and 5 am. So it's ESSENTIAL that we all do things to ensure we're remaining fit and healthy - body, mind and spirit! 

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Now, perhaps you're wondering what the difference is between a Health Coach and a Personal Trainer.

I had a personal trainer from the end of my twenties. 

I joined a gym and through the gym, I was assigned a personal trainer. And I worked with my personal trainer for a long, long time.

Ricardo, shout out to you. I even worked with Ricardo after I left the gym.  We would meet up in parks and ovals and still work out. That was through my first pregnancy and leading up to my second. 

So personal training is awesome! 

The difference between a personal trainer and a health coach is that, well definitely in my experience, you pay a personal trainer for their time in that hour.

It is more transactional rather than transformational

That means that I would pay Ricardo for an hour session either in a gym or at their studio or elsewhere. And in that hour that I was paying for, they would guide me, coach me, train me for that time. 

Then once the session was over, that was about it. And I didn’t get any other support. 

The difference with a health coach is that you are actually paying for a holistic program, which means you get way more one-on-one support, not just in the hour when we do a coaching session, but beyond that. 

You receive nutritional advice, how to plan your meals, fitness advice and most importantly how to change your mindset for lasting results. You can text and email me anytime you like, so there really is unlimited support. A health coach offers a much broader range of solutions than just fitness. Health coaching means you can access your coach for more that one designated period of time. 

You’ll also receive a long term road map. The road map with my coaching program is developed to allow us to delve into a lot of mindsets and serve you forever and really set you up after the 8 weeks of coaching.

"If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always got".

Where's your mind at? What are the roadblocks or obstacles you're facing now or you've got coming up that you think might be difficult for you? Perhaps just in your own mind, you're struggling with understanding how you’re going to reach the next goal. A health coach is much more like a partnership. I'm not here necessary to tell you exactly what to do but to work through with you, for us to solve and determine together the best way forward. 

Personal training or a gym is transactional and health coaching is transformational. It's the difference between a health coach and a personal trainer.

Book a call now and let's chat about changing your health for good!

Healthy inside, radiant outside.

Every small change WILL become a big difference

in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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