This workshop gives you step-by-step,

practical advise & tools to nourish & support your gut

Learn simple, life changing tools to completely restore your inner health!

A Healthy Inside, For A Radiant Outside!

"Those who think they have not time for health, will sooner or later have to find time for illness."

- Edward Stanley

Gut health is about so much more than just digestion.

How healthy our gut is affects everything from our mood, brain function, sleep, allergies, weight, immune system & the condition of our skin, hair and eyes.


In fact, a whopping 70% of our immune cells live in our gut!  

Our gut is also incredibly intelligent and communicates directly with our brain, and by improving our gut health we can increase our happiness and immunity to illness, lose weight and decrease our risk of neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Through gut health we can prevent and treat digestive disorders, weight gain, depression, anxiety, food sensitivities, allergies and fatigue.

All with simple diet and lifestyle changes!

What People Say...

"One of my favourite parts of doing 1-on-1 coaching with Kate was getting daily texts & emails which kept me so motivated! 


Kate has so much knowledge & such passion about health, particularly the gut, & taught me how simple & achievable it is to lose weight, eat healthily & live life more energetically. 


I lost 12kgs throughout our 6 months of coaching together, lowered my cholesterol & blood pressure & have the tools to live a long and healthy life." - Bruce, 53

"I've done loads of diets & programs and was sick of counting calories & worrying about portions sizes - the best thing about Kate's program is the flexibility. 


Now that I'm eating the right food I can eat as much as I want - guilt free! 


Over 3 months Kate taught me so much - learning how to make quick, easy, nutritious meals, & take lunch to work every day has been invaluable, & I have no more bloating or digestion issues. 


1-0n-1 coaching with Kate is the best thing I've ever done for my health & wellbeing." - Anita, 41 (mum of two)

Gut Health Workshop 

Sunday 19th January 2020

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


HOW your complex digestive system works

WHY a healthy gut is vital for overall health & aging

WHICH foods to increase & avoid for a robust gut health

WHAT prebiotics & probiotics are (& how to make them work for you)




Green Juices

Bone Broth

Coconut yoghurt

and more!


A step-by-step plan to completely repair & restore your gut in 21 days


A health symptom checklist to chart your progress


Special goodies to get your gut makeover underway

Sign up for my 21-day Gut Cleanse

Past clients who have completed the 21-Day Gut Cleanse

have experienced amazing benefits, including: 

  • Weight loss of between 3 - 6kgs

  • Clear, radiant, youthful looking skin

  • Disappearance of bloating, indigestion, constipation & gas

  • Increased energy

  • Less anxiety & irritability

  • Improved sleep

  • Improvement in asthma & hay fever 

  • Stronger & shinier hair & nails

  • Improved moods (& less mood swings)

"Insight without action is worthless"

- Marie Forleo

What People Say...

"Kates workshop was so interesting, she takes you through easy to follow information about your gut, how it works & what it needs!

The follow up cleanse was amazing, Kate provided hands-on, easy to implement strategies & yummy recipes to restore gut health, I felt more energised & lost 3kgs in 4 weeks!" 

- Brooke, 32 (mum of two)

"Since doing Kate's 4-week gut repair I honestly feel fantastic!


Issues with bloating & IBS which I've suffered with for years are finally disappearing.” -

-Anna, 43 (mum of three)

"I can't believe how clear & healthy looking my skin is since doing the 30-day gut repair.....

people have genuinely commented that I'm glowing!"

 - Jo, 42 (mum of two)

Sunday 19th January 2020 

1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

SoulPod Health & Healing

14 Stanley St Richmond

Meet Katie

"Katie is a certified Primal Health Coach specialising in gut health.

Katie provides 1-on-1 coaching, runs regular Gut Health Workshops, 21-day Gut Cleanse Programs, Body and Mind Nourishment Retreats and teaches women all over the world the most efficient and successful ways to improve their health, lose weight and achieve radiant health from the inside out."

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