Spring Nourishment Retreat

8 - 10 October 2021

Learn life long self-care habits

Unwind with yoga and meditation

Get clarity on your goals for rest of 2021

Expand your understanding of nutrition and well-being

"You've inspired me to be the best version of myself.  I've come home from the retreat feeling energised, clearer minded, and motivated to take on what lies ahead with compassion and integrity and I owe it to you.  

The breath work I learned on the retreat is helping me to let go of what I can't control."

- Isela B, 40, Jan Juc

8th - 10th October 2021

Hazeldene Victoria


Are there aspects of your life that just aren’t working?

  • ​​ Are you feeling stuck in certain patterns or habits?

  • Are you willing to release the past and begin creating a present and future you love?

  • Are you ready to transform your inner well-being and state of mind?

  • Maybe you just want to eat great food and unwind?

During this retreat you will:

  • Understand the gut / mind connection

  • Set intentions for the rest of 2021

  • Create a daily self-care routine

  • Connect with women in a confidential setting

  • Unwind with yoga, meditation and nature walks

  • Overcome stress and anxiety

  • Be less critical of yourself

  • Be less judgemental of others

  • Release habits that hold you back

  • Let go of beliefs that limit you

Opportunity to have one-on-one coaching with Katie during the retreat

"Kate you are an amazing and inspirational woman. I felt totally supported throughout my journey and at the retreat and have taken away life skills and knowledge to help me start my healing process."

- Jessica K, 35, Victoria


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Friday, Saturday & Sunday:  8 - 10 October 2021



Friday: Check in from 1:00pm (retreat starts at 3:00pm)

Sunday: Concludes at 2:00pm



         Hazeldene Yarra Valley

450 Hazeldene Rd, Gladysdale Victoria, Australia