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Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner - This Base is a Gut Health Winner!

Hey all.

When I'm coaching my clients, I prefer not to burden them with a strict 'meal plan'.

Why? Because it can lead to frustration, guilt, feeling overwhelmed or even giving up.

Instead, I arm my clients with an in-depth knowledge of which foods support their gut (and overall) health.

With this knowledge, they are free to experiment with the foods they love the most and feel less restricted.

What I'm about to share with you is a ridiculously easy base you can use for any breaky, lunch or dinner - and it has countless variations. In fact, it's so simple, you'll probably roll your eyes when I tell you. BUT, when it comes to our health - simple is often the solution.

Let's get to it!

  • Preheat a frying pan over medium heat and add coconut oil, butter, lard or olive oil (coconut oil is my fave - gives everything a lovely nutty flavour)

  • Chop up 3-4 cups of WHATEVER VEG YOU HAVE. Literally any veg.

  • Add all the veg to the frying pan and cook until you like it. (Mix it up - sometimes cook for less time and have everything crispy, or leave it for longer so it's soft and wilted).

  • Season with salt and pepper and you have the perfect meal to eat as is, or add your protein of choice:

    • eggs

    • chicken

    • tuna

    • pork

    • beef

    • fish

    • lamb

This base is awesome for nourishing your gut and you'll be surprised at just how delicious it is!

Give it a go today!

Every small change WILL become a

big difference in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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