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What are the BEST times of day to EAT for weight loss and gut health?

When is the best time to eat and how much?

Should we eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch & a pauper for dinner?

Do we need to 'kick start' our metabolisms by eating in the morning?

Should we eat every 2 hours?

Or have 3 proper meals and snacks in-between?

What about this intermittent fasting business?


Derrrrr. Sounds too simple doesn't it.

But, we seem to have morphed into a community of people who are told WHEN to eat, instead of listening to our bodies.

Here's a fact! You don't need to 'kick start' your metabolism! It will get going just fine whatever time of day you decide to break-your-fast - whether that's at 7am or 1pm.

To easily be able to listen to our bodies and know when we're hungry, we need to reduce / eliminate the processed foods from our diets - yes I'm talking refined sugars and carbs people! Otherwise we're stuck on the carb / glucose / blood sugar roller-coaster (not a fun one) which makes us feel hungry far more often than required (and can lead to type 2 diabetes). A gut friendly diet will make knowing when we're hungry a cinch (download my FREE gut health guide for an easy roadmap).

In a snapshot:

  • increase the amount and variety of veggies and REAL food

  • cook and dress your food in healthy fats (your body's preferred fuel source)

  • reduce processed foods (anything in a packet or with a barcode)

The other bonus of listening to your body.....knowing when you're FULL and stopping eating. We've all be told as kids to eat until our plate is empty, but we're not kids anymore, and we only need to eat until our tummies are full!

It takes about 20 minutes for satiety (feeling full) to kick in, so if we slow down our eating we've got a much better chance of stopping before food coma sets in. Uuuuuuugh food coma.

Good health is not about DEPRIVATION! Eat the right food - REAL food - and you can eat as much as you want, whenever you want! Hallelujah!

Every small change will become the big difference

in your life.

Much love,

Katie Jane

Check out for my upcoming Gut Health Workshops and Nourishment Retreats.


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