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This Green Juice Recipe is packed with kale, cucumbers, lemon, ginger, and apples!

One of the best ways to boost your health and begin to repair years of damage is with juicing.

Fresh Juices are easy to digest so your body is able to absorb many more nutrients much faster.

There's so many health benefits to having a green juice and it's so easy to do so you could use any kind of greens. Homemade green juice designed for good digestion made with celery, cucumber, orange, and lemon.

This powerfully nutritious juice is great for restoring digestive balance, preventing sickness, and replenishing electrolytes.

Why add green leafy vegetables?

Green juice isn’t only green in appearance, but it contains vegetables that have loads of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, and all the other good stuff that you want in your body. Dr. Mercola calls this a “living broth” filled with micronutrients.

Every small change WILL become the big difference

in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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