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Let's talk about Pesto!

Hello, Katie Jane Waterhouse here.

So today I'm making one of my all-time favourite things. I make this nearly every week, it’s so delicious & I use it on loads of things.

It is a homemade Pesto.

I love the smell of fresh basil - so delicious & often I'll eat my pesto straight out of the jar, my homemade pesto - it's delicious if I’m hungry. You can put it on loads of things.

Obviously, if you eat pasta you can stir it through your pastas, I use it all in my Zoodles, I also use it with bacon on my kind of snacks that I have, you can use it on your sandwiches, all kinds of things & it's only really five ingredients.

So I'm going to go through it today.

I'll show you how quick & easy it is & cheap.

So all you need is a bunch of basil & I just use the whole bunch.

So I'll cut it in half. Just whatever size it is, whatever basil you can buy from wherever you get it from. It's about 80 grams worth of Basil. I’ll just cut it in half.

I put the stalks & everything in but you are welcome to cut them off.

But I think that they're awesome. But actually, I’ll put my blade into the blender.

Put your blade into your blender first! Or your Nutribullet or whatever it is you use.

So nice big bunch of Basil. Parmesan.

I like mine quite bitey so use about 60 grams of Parmesan. You can put less if you don't really like parmesan & if you want to keep it vegan - don't use parmesan at all.

So there we go. Put some Parmesan in, give it a really nice squeeze of lemon juice.

Again, that’s really to taste. I like it like a fair bit of lemon juice. And some salt. Now I'm going to turn it on & drizzle my olive oil in it. And I really just drizzle the olive oil in until I quite like the consistency.

So it's going to be really individual. So turn that on now & drizzle in my olive oil.

So you might want to just push down the sides & get all the basil leaves & parmesan in there. Use a really good quality olive oil. Always use something that's close to home.

So if you've got a local provedore or Deli or whatever. I’ve got a lot of lovely little cafes & local shops around here that sell olive oil that comes from quite close to where I live.

Actually, this is how much olive oil I use. So I just bought a big 2 litre one - this is massive! But I do go through a lot of olive oil because it's so good for you, & I use it in so many things & this one is from Shepperton.

So, beautiful olive oil from there. Now just need to whiz it up a little bit more to make it a bit finer.

So you can make it whatever texture you want. If you like it really, really fine you can leave it on to whiz a little bit more.

Beautiful fresh colour. I don’t know if you can see this, I'll get some out for you.

Look at the colour of that if you can see it - beautiful green. So that will stay in your fridge for about a week - if it lasts that long if you don't eat it all beforehand.

Really delicious. It smells so incredible! But I make this every week it's so, so delicious. So that's it.

That's my what is it - 1, 2, 3, 4 ingredient pesto.

As I said, if you leave the cheese out, the parmesan cheese, then it's vegan.

If you are doing vegan I recommend adding a little extra clove of…oh my garlic, did I put that in?

Yes. So if you're doing vegan I’d add extra garlic & maybe even a little bit of chilli?

If you like chilli, you can add it to this one. If you like chilli, make it as hot as you like, play around with it & create the pesto that you like.

So enjoy. I hope you enjoyed that. Bye.

Every small change WILL become a

big difference in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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