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Healthy fish and chips...WT?

I ordered take away for dinner.....

So tonight I ordered fish and chips.

WTF!? I hear you gasping and thinking "But you're a health coach!  A GUT health coach for goodness sake! You're supposed to lead by example!"

And I do!

Now, I can't vouch for every fish and chippery in Australia, but my local offers great healthy alternatives, such as my dinner tonight, grilled salmon with super salad (quinoa, roquette, pumpkin and onion).  

So delicious and nutritious!

So fast food doesn't have to be cheap and nasty.

Just look for healthier alternatives.

Or order like my kids: chips, potato cakes, dim sims and calamari rings.  A deep fried quartet.

Every small change WILL become the big difference

in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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