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Find yourself a health buddy

Friends play various roles in our lives, and we have buddies for different kinds of things.

Shopping buddies, food buddies, and of course drinking buddies (I’m sure you have some of those!) Come to think of it…in a world full of lockdowns you realise just how important drinking buddies become (responsible ones of course)!

But we won’t be talking about that now.

This week, for this blog, I will tell you why you need to have the most important friendship you will ever need, a health buddy

Shuffling people for a more stable you.

I have a special girlfriend (Miss Kimmi) whom I love to go hiking with….we’re reading from the same book when it comes to universal spirituality.

I adore our hikes because of the opportunity to work through our emotions, situations, and problems, and it helps us reflect on our thoughts and the things we’re going through.

I also have other girlfriends who I go out with when I want to try new things. They are always up for an adventure and I know they can support me when I want something out of the box.

I have a work colleague who keeps me accountable to turning up for lunchtime yoga sessions.

So you see, different people are great for various activities.

The secret is to choose a wellness activity that you and your friend love. And enjoy the health benefits that come with it!

What’s your jam?

Find people who encourage, support, and motivate you, even someone just helping set a date, time, and place to do an activity.

Someone to keep you accountable and vice versa.

When we do things solo, we often have a tendency to procrastinate. We start to think I can’t do this, don’t have the right gear, I’m not in the right headspace….blah, blah, blah.

We often talk ourselves OUT of doing something. Urgh right?

Planning with someone can make a big difference in whether we commit to doing an activity or not.

Especially if you’re someone who needs a bit of a push, or you tend to look for excuses, or just feel uncomfortable being out of your comfort zone.

If your favorite people are unavailable, you can join groups that do activities together. You can even organise meet-ups if you’re the type who likes to plan events.

The key here is to find what fits you so that you can sustain that healthy habit.

A genuine buddy gets you to commit to your health.

Someone who will complement your strengths and weaknesses is a gem!

They’ll push you and hold you accountable for your health goals and are the people who’ll genuinely be disappointed if you cancel plans.

When we commit to doing an activity with someone, we commit to not letting them down. It's like a psychological trick our brains play on us. So even if we’re hungover, can’t be arsed or lacking motivation, we show up anyway.

Find yourself a health buddy, and work together to reach your ideal wellness.

If you want to learn how to protect and support your gut while keeping those happy hours with your drinking buddies, join my FREE 5-day gut cleanse challenge 1-5 November, 2021.

Every small change WILL become a

big difference in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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