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Example of a Coaching Program

To give you an idea of what coaching looks like I thought I'd take you through an example of someone who wants coaching for a very specific issue that they might have - because the coaching program, even though it will be 8 weeks, will be really different for each person. 

So one of the most common issues I have people coming to me with, is that they've suffered from some kind of digestive issues for a really long time. 

This might be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or any of the symptoms that are wrapped up in that, but usually, they're suffering from poor gut health, so that's one of the key areas that I work on. It's an area of interest for me and I work very specifically with lots of people with gut health issues, as well as people who just want to lose weight, people who are suffering from lack of energy or motivation, people who feel that they're reasonably fit but can't move to lose the last couple of kilos, or want to really firm up or tone up parts of their body. 

But if we take gut health, and improving gut health and digestion, as an example, our 8-week coaching program would look something like this. 

First of all, we will go through my four C's, my four pillars:

CLARITY: Seeking clarity on exactly what your issues are and what you would like your health to look like. 

CONNECTION:  What is your connection to those goals? why would your life improve? What is your emotional attachment to having those goals achieved? 

COMMITMENT:  This is where we're going to hold you accountable and we’re going to see real results.

CONSISTENCY:  This is key! Consistency is key and I’ll bang on about that all the time because it never will work if you're just doing something occasionally, you need to be doing the work on a consistent basis. 

So, if someone came to me and said “I’d really like to improve my digestive issues or improve my gut health overall”, what that would look like once we’ve gone through your four C's?

To begin with, if we're looking to improve gut health, then we're going to be doing a gut cleanse, minimum of 21 up to 30 days. This is really eliminating all the pollutants that may be in your diet and transition to a very simple diet which is essentially proteins and plants. We'll be eliminating dairy, caffeine, alcohol, grains, and all refined carbohydrates and sugars. So it sounds much worse than it is. It's actually incredible and I find with most of my clients, they stick with that sort of diet or living on going from that point on. 

That's where we'll spend almost half the program, making sure that your diet is as good as it can be, and our program will be focusing on food, rather than fitness. Food and mindset. How you see yourself, how you view yourself, how you talk to yourself, how you value yourself. All of these things really are key to making sure that you live a long and healthy life. Because we can do all kinds of diets and all kinds of exercise programs. You will continually come back to the same issues if you don't fix what is up here first. 

To improve gut health, we do:

  • 21 - 30 days of a gut cleanse

  • cleansing limiting beliefs, or anything that holds you back really from really achieving the health that you want

  • affirmations and meditation - which are forms of self-care and crucial to have really happy and balanced health and life

  • fitness - movement is essential for keeping ourselves strong, particularly as we age and, also to bring on all the feel-good hormones

  • fasting - fasting has lots of mental and physical benefits

  • ritual/routine - over the 8-weeks we'll develop routines that will serve you well beyond the program

We have a coaching session every week to a fortnight, you get LOADS of advice, tips and strategies to make sure that you reach the goals. So that’s an example of how to improve gut health through my coaching.

Book a free appointment and let's have a chat about working together! 

Health and happiness

Every small change WILL become a big difference

in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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