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Coaching is fun

One thing I really wanted to drive home is that coaching is really fun!

I think people might get the impression that it's all about goal setting and achieving things and being held accountable, and it definitely IS those things, but it’s also lots of fun. 

Having your own coaching is awesome!

I LOVE working with my clients (and hopefully they like working with me) and it's really about approaching everything with a sense of curiosity and fun, from a place of "how do we make this achievable in the lifestyle that you currently have". 

It's not like all of a sudden your life is made to feel harder because you’ve taken on a coach, or that I'm going to be forcing you to do things when you don't have the time, the energy, or the motivation. 

It's quite the opposite of that. 

You are going to really enjoy the entire experience of working with a coach because my whole job is to help you create the tools and strategies to make you feel better so that you have MORE energy in your life, so that you have MORE motivation and that you feel more in control of your emotions.

To find a place of calmness so that you can deal with the ordinary stresses that come with life from being a mother, from being a wife, or a partner or from having to live in a house full of other people. We work together to find ways, for you to find time for yourself in the day to achieve the things that make you feel good

Because if you feel good, you're going to be able to cope with everything else going on in your life. 

You're also going to look a lot better as well, which I know from personal experience, often looking good makes us feel good. It’s one of those nice cyclic things: when you look good, you feel good… when you feel good, you tend to look good.  

Working with a coach is super super fun. 

It's not supposed to be difficult. 

There's going to be moments of clarity and insight. We're going to learn about where certain belief systems have come from and why you feel certain ways about food or fitness or mindset, but we're going to work through all that in a way that really benefits you and in a way that you're going to really enjoy. I promise you’re going to look forward to your coaching session each week as a little bit of escapism from the daily grind. 

We'll work through my coaching pillars, my four C's: Clarity, Connection, Commitment and Consistency. Consistency is key. 

The other C is a CELEBRATION!

So not only will we set goals and then find a way to reach them, but we're also going to be celebrating on the way because it's a really important thing to do in our daily lives, which we don't often enough

We tend to tick things off our list and say "yep, achieved, done" and we move on to the next thing without really taking the time to congratulate ourselves for the achievements that we make. 

So celebrating and having fun definitely part of coaching.

For 8 weeks you'll have your own personal cheerleader - motivating you, encouraging you, guiding you and believing in your ability to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Book a free appointment and let's have a chat about working together! 

Health and happiness

Every small change WILL become a big difference

in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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