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Are you taking care of your SECOND BRAIN?

Have you ever wondered how your brain processes everything that’s going on inside your body?

I regularly present workshops to a wide range of corporations and businesses - the topics range from meditation and breathwork strategies, mindfulness, ergonomics, transitioning back into the workplace after Covid, and of course, gut health.

One of the most fascinating aspects of gut health is how our gut communicates with our brain.

Why does your body do what it does?

There is a superhighway inside your body called the VAGUS NERVE.

The Vagus Nerve runs from the base of your skull down to the bottom of your spine. Like a superhighway, it sends information back and forth between your gut and your brain.

It was thought that the brain was in charge of this communication and responsible for determining what chemicals and hormones our body required e.g. adrenalin, melatonin, dopamine, cortisol, etc.

A fascinating discovery changed everything.

Recent studies have discovered that it’s the other way around. Our gut is responsible for sending 90% of the information to the brain. Not the other way around!

This is why the gut is now referred to as the second brain.

Plus, the more we know about the gut, the more we understand its importance to our overall health.

A healthy gut sends the right signals to our brains.

And this includes things like: which chemicals to release, which hormones? Are we feeling stressed? Is that cortisol? Do we need something to relax us? Is it time to release melatonin before we go to bed?

Our brain understands all these things much clearer with the help of a healthy gut.

Let’s talk gut.

Gut health is fundamental in controlling our emotions correctly. What we put in our bodies has a massive impact on our lives.

How much energy we have, our ability to focus, the state of our emotions. Gut health is the foundation of it all!

I encourage you to find out more about the vagus nerve and the Gut/Brain Axis - it’s truly remarkable stuff!

Experiment with your gut health

I invite you to experiment by eliminating known gut irritants and experience the benefits for yourself.

Go without dairy, sugar, grains, or alcohol for five days and see the difference in how you react emotionally, what your clarity and mindfulness look like.

How your energy levels and motivation change. How much better do you sleep.

All of these things are so dependent on the health of our gut!

Sign up for my FREE 5-day Gut Cleanse Challenge and find out just how easy it is to lose weight, boost your energy, and feel amazing!

Or book me in to come and do a talk at your workplace and all do the challenge together!

Every small change WILL become a

big difference in your life.

With so much love,​

Katie Jane

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