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Coaching Programs

Learn simple, life changing tools to completely restore your inner health!

A Healthy Inside For A Radiant Outside!

Gut health is about so much more than just digestion.

How healthy our gut is affects everything from our mood, brain function, sleep, allergies, weight, immune system & the condition of our skin, hair and eyes.


Studies have shown that the right bacterial balance in our gut results in clear, lustrous & radiant skin. 

"Those who think they have not time for health, will sooner or later have to find time for illness."

- Edward Stanley

Our incredible gut also metabolises hormones, makes nutrients & neurotransmitters, creates detoxifying enzymes & neutralises pathogens - all vital for a happy digestive system, beautiful skin & allround optimal health & happiness.

This workshop gives you step-by-step,

practical advise & tools to nourish & support your gut


HOW your complex digestive system works

WHY a healthy gut is vital for overall health & aging

WHICH foods to increase & avoid for a robust microbiome

WHAT prebiotics & probiotics are (& their super powers)





Green Juices

Bone Broth




a step-by-step plan to completely repair & restore your gut in 30-days


a health symptom checklist to chart your progress


access to a private Facebook group & 4 group coaching sessions


Special goodies to get your gut makeover underway

Past clients who have completed the 30-day gut repair

have experienced amazing benefits, including: 

Weight loss of between 3 - 6kgs

Clear, radiant, youthful looking skin

Disappearance of bloating & indigestion

(including constipation, gas, IBS)

Increased energy

Stronger & shinier hair & nails

Improved moods (& less mood swings)

Less anxiety & irritability

Improved sleep

Improvement in asthma & hay fever 

"Insight without action is worthless"

- Marie Forleo

"Kates workshop was so interesting, she takes you through easy to follow information about your gut, how it works & what it needs!

The follow up cleanse was amazing, Kate provided hands-on, easy to implement strategies & yummy recipes to restore gut health, I felt more energised & lost 3kgs in 4 weeks!"

- Brooke, 35 (mum of 2)

Sun. 7 October 2018

2:00 pm – 4:30 pm AEDT

$77.19 per person

Think Thornbury

800 High Street

Thornbury, VIC 3071

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