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 I'm Kate

A Healthy Inside For A Radiant Outside

Feeling stuck and a bit tired, busy, old, unfit, unmotivated or confused about health?


Well, hooray!  You're in the right place!

Being healthy goes much deeper than just wanting to look good, although that’s definitely a bonus.


As I age I’m determined to the best version of myself and it's my mission to motivate, inspire and teach other women the simplest ways to look and feel their best at any age.

Frailty, health problems and dis-ease are avoidable, and looking after our gut is the best foundation for good health as we age.

"I want to spark a passion in women
to create their healthiest & most beautiful body - at any age." 

Many of us feel that 'being healthy' is hard work.  Hard to eat well.  Hard to find time for fitness.  Hard to get good quality sleep & enough of it.  Definitely hard to stress less!

There is a roadmap for guaranteed success.
It's just about making better choices. That's it.

I promise you this...every single aspect of your life is EASIER when you choose health!  

I dearly want you to understand and believe this. 

If you choose health.....

Every part of your life will improve!

When I returned to work after my first son, I was lethargic at work & often felt unhappy, stressed out & exhausted as a mum, & the thing I looked forward to most at the end of every day was a glass (ok….bottle) of wine. And I’m not alone!  


But guess what…the past has no power over us. It doesn't’ matter how long we’ve had a negative pattern, the power is in the present moment. 


We just need to be willing to change, & it all starts with treating ourselves & our bodies with love, respect & gratitude.

Today my life is a completely different story!  Fit, happy, healthy….& much more focused & fun.  I’m committed to sharing everything I’ve learnt, lived & experienced with you because it’s my absolute belief that health is the fastest route to happy.

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