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This is an approach to health like you’ve never experienced before!


Are you a super busy, working mum?  Then it would come as no surprise to you that the number one health concern I hear from women over 35 is ENERGY....or rather the lack of it.


Whether you describe it as having low energy levels, lack of motivation, lethargy, fatigue or just an overall feeling of blurgh - it sucks right! 

Well this has been the inspiration behind my brand new 12-week program and it's my personal MISSION to get you totally primed and ready to enjoy this summer feeling super energised and looking lean, toned and sexy!  Are you ready to shake things up and take on this life changing program - of course you are!

And that's just the beginning.....


Why is my program so unique?  Because I have created a beautiful, intimate, supportive and fun environment with time to ask questions and receive personal feedback.  I will give you hands on, step-by-step guidance about what foods to avoid, the only 4 exercises you'll ever need and how to sucker punch stress for good. 

"Though nobody can go back
and make a new beginning...
Anyone can start over and
make a new ending."

- Chico Xavier

Do you ever suffer from any of the following?


  • Bloating, IBS, or digestion issues

  • Low energy levels or lack of motivation

  • Constant lethargy, tiredness or fatigue

  • Poor eating habits

  • Dull, tired or old looking skin

  • Feeling over weight or unhappy with your body 

  • Stress or anxiety 

  • Diagnosed as pre-diabetic or diabetic

  • Suffer from thyroid disorders

Have you experienced I-SHOULD syndrome?


I-Should start eating better. I-Should start exercising more. I-Should get more sleep. I-Should drink more water.  I-Should lose weight for summer.  I-Should stress less.  I-Should be happier around the kids.


Then my 12-week Reboot and Re-Energize Your Life program is DA BOMB!  It's specifically designed for busy mums who want more out of life.  MORE energy, MORE fun, MORE time.  

It runs from 10th September - 26th November, 2017 and it's super intimate so there are ONLY 8 PLACES available.


My expertise, and the fundamental basis of my program, is teaching women just like you the most efficient and successful ways to achieve lifelong ENERGY AND HAPPINESS using a unique integrated approach. 


I'm inviting you to spend 12 weeks with me, learning and growing alongside a small group of amazing like-minded women to completely turn your health around to feel vibrant, energised and happy from the inside out.  My program is all about you, focusing on and nurturing yourself so you can feel rejuvenated, invigorated and inspired.  This really is a breakthrough approach to achieving a balanced, happy and healthy life! 


So what exactly is the Reboot and Re-Energize Your Life program?


It's a 12-week, intimate program exclusive to only 8 women, which focuses on 3 core elements:  food and nutrition, sleep and stress, and fitness.  This perfect combination is the health JACKPOT!  Ting, ting, ting, ting, ting!!!

Every week we get together for 90 minutes to explore and understand the core elements.  But I wanted to ensure my program would GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS and this is what really makes my program the BEST.  As we progress through each element you get the invaluable gift of:

  • 4 x Cooking Classes with a 20+ years experienced chef (Dave Nguyen) giving you hands-on practical advice, methods and shortcuts to making delicious, nutritious, fast and easy meals

  • 4 x Private Yoga Sessions with a qualified instructor (Evelyn Stavranidos) learning the basics of yoga and stretching, and the incredible benefits of meditation 

  • 4 x Fitness Sessions learning the unbelievably simple Primal Essential Movements you can do ANYWHERE to achieve a lean, firm body

  • Plus loads of other goodies, challenges and surprises to keep you motivated, focused and HAPPY






Here are a just a few of the results you can expect from the Reboot and Re-Energize program:


  • Oodles of energy, vibrancy and va va voom

  • Effortless weight loss

  • No more bloating or digestive issues

  • Clear, bright, radiant skin, hair and eyes

  • Deep, restorative sleep

  • Calmness and waaaaaay less stress

  • Clear understanding of nutrition and fitness

  • Beautiful new friendships

  • Best of all - a happier and healthier YOU!


Who This Is For:


Reboot and Re-Energize is for you if you’re ready to have a major breakthrough in all aspects of your health and:


  • You’re 100% committed to improving your health and want to see and feel REAL change

  • You are ready to embrace a ‘whole-person’ integrated approach to your health

  • You agree the best way to learn involves laughter, silliness and maybe a glass of wine

  • You’re up for challenging ‘conventional wisdom’ and giving your all to new ways of thinking about health

  • You’re willing to participate fully, to share and be honest 

  • You are prepared to support, encourage and motivate others

  • You’re ready to let go of old belief systems about your body and create a new vision

  • You're ready for a whole new wardrobe because at the end of this program you're going to look AMAZING!


The Where, What and Times


Reboot and Re-Energize Your Life takes place from the intimacy of my own home in Clifton Hill every second Sunday for 12 weeks

2:00pm - 3:30pm, 10th September - 26th November, 2017

Remember there are only 8 spaces available so register your interest NOW!


Investment For The Program


Reserve your spot in the Reboot and Re-Energize Your Life Program

for one payment of $990, or 12 weekly payments of $85.

This is a VERY intimate and exclusive program with only 8 spaces

available so don’t delay.


I’m so excited about sharing this journey with you,


Katie Jane xx

"Insight without action is worthless"

- Marie Forleo

“Incredible change happens in
your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.”

- Steve Maraboli


What if I miss a session?

I totally understand that we've all got hectic lives, so if you can't make it along to every session then I'll schedule a phone call and bring you up to speed prior to the next session.


Can I bring my kid/s?

This program is all about focusing on YOU for 90 minutes each week and as such, it will be a kid free zone. But, you can however bring your kid/s here and I have a babysitter (the lovely Savannah) who will take them to Quarry's park for the duration of our session.  Too easy!


Do I need to purchase any additional equipment or attire?

No, you will be provided with everything you need (plus bonus goodies!) throughout the program - you just need willingness and commitment.  


Have a question I haven't answered?

Please email me at or schedule a call on the Contact Page.

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